Covid-19 Update

Beginning June 23, 2020, Courthouse staff will conduct mandatory screenings, to include temperature checks, on all persons entering the Courthouse. Anyone answering affirmatively to the screening questions or returning a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be allowed to enter the facility. Special accommodations will be available for those individuals. Due to employees in various offices having already tested positive for Covid-19, the Courthouse has undergone intensive cleaning and sanitation. Any positive testing employee will follow the CDC / Department of Health guidelines for returning to work. It is the recommendation of the Department of Health and Constitutional Officers that anyone entering the Courthouse should wear a face mask / covering to protect themselves and others. Please understand that anyone not wearing a mask does so at their own risk. You will notice barriers have been placed between staff and customers for the protection of the public. We ask that you also continue to practice social distancing while in the Courthouse. While some of these measures were already in place, we are taking increased precautions given the continued rise in cases.


Pursuant to section 193.122(2), Florida Statutes (2019), notice is hereby
given to all taxpayers and owners of both real and personal property
that the 2020 Hamilton County Tax Rolls have been extended to show
the tax attributable to all taxable property and that said rolls were
certified for collection to the Tax Collector on October 16, 2020.

No upcoming events.